Emma Sansom
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Emma was born in August 16, 1847
Emma Sansom was born to Micajah and Lamila Vann Sansom in Social Circle, Walton County, Georgia. She was the twelfth and last one born. When her and her family first decided to move to Alabama it was dark and mysterious to the west .So her dad went there and built a house and made the land ready for them to come.In 1830 The United States congress passed a law that things have changed in Alabama.On December 24, Emma's father Micajah dies.Rufus Sansom Emma's brother goes to the army in 1861.Emma rides on a back of the General Forrest's horse to show him a ford where her cows crossed Black Creek,allowing him to quickly cross the stream and catch Streight in May 2, 1863. In 1864 Alabama awards Emma Sansom woth a gold medal and promises her section of land.On October 29, 1864 Emma gets married to C.B Johnson of the 10th Alabama Infantry.In 1876 they move to Texas.In honor of Nathan Bedford Forrest they named their first child after him. A few months later their first child died.1884 C.B dies leaving Emma with 7 children.On ,Augest 9th 1900 Emma Sansom dies one week from her. 53rd birthday.In 1907 theGadsden Chapter of the United Daughters of theSansom.Now the Confederacy opened a monument erected to Emma Sansom home is occupied by several schools.One of them is Emma Sansom High School.The other is General Forrest.There is also a highway that runs throigh the farm.Their family cemetary is located in the median of the highway. References: Emma Samson by Margie Ross<span style="color: #000000">.</span>